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Pinned Events, Exclude Bot Traffic & More...

New Feature

Today, we have released another most awaited feature called "Pinned Events".

Usermaven's auto-capture technology automatically tracks all of your website's actions such as button clicks, form submits, link clicks, etc.

Pinned Events

With the help of Pinned event, now you can group auto-captured events into pinned events and use them in your conversion goals, funnel analysis, or product insights.


As an example, let’s say you have several “signup” buttons across your site and you may create new pages for your website with "signup" buttons, you can group all your pages with the "signup" button into a Pinned event.

Pinned Events in Web Analytics

You can also view the statistics against Pinned events under the Web-Analytics events section.


New Auto-Captured View

Previously, the auto-captured view was showing the timeline of the events. Now, you will see the aggregated results of auto-captured events.

Soon, we will be adding an option to create a pinned event directly from the auto-captured page.


Exclude Bot Traffic

You can exclude bot traffic from your analytics by turning the option on for exclusion of bot traffic. To exclude bot traffic, head over to the Workspace Settings > Miscellaneous and turn on the option.


Apart from the above new features, we have fixed and improved the following features:

  • Fixed email address maximum characters limit.
  • Style improvements for the web analytics funnel analysis, it is now more readable.
  • Workspaces dropdown height increased in the dashboard. Previously it was showing a maximum 3 workspaces.
  • Workspace name check added, the workspace name has to be unique in an organization.
  • And plenty of other improvements done since the last release.