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Compare analytics, Contacts hub 2.0, and Segments location filter

New Feature

Compare Analytics

Gain invaluable insights and fresh perspectives into your user data with Usermaven's cutting-edge feature for comparing stats over time. Our robust comparison tool empowers you to analyze data from specific date ranges and see how it stacks up against other periods seamlessly.

The comparison feature lets you contrast data from the previous period or a custom time-frame. Additionally, you can select either "Match day of the week" or "Match exact date" for a more precise comparison.



Contacts Hub 2.0

Exciting news! We've given our Contacts Hub Profiles a major overhaul! Get ready to explore the enhanced Visitor, User, and Company detailed views, now equipped with Top Events, Top Pages, Feature Adoption insights, and a handy Notes feature.

Here's what's new:




First seen: View the initial time a user was observed and the first touch-point they encountered before registering for your web application.

Last Seen: The most recent time when the user accessed your web application.

Created: The date when the user's account was established.

Engagement: Engagement is categorized into four levels: At Risk, Low Activity, Moderate Activity, and High Activity. It's determined by evaluating the actions the user has taken relative to the overall user activity events in the last 30 days.

Activity Heatmap: The activity heatmap displays user activity and the count of events they've executed.

Onboarding Status: If you've configured the Onboarding Insight, you can view it in the User profile to determine whether they have completed the onboarding process. Additionally, you can view the specific onboarding steps they have completed.


Top Pages: Uncover User Interests

By exploring the Most Visited Pages, you can identify which sections of your site are particularly captivating and drawing user attention. The Page Visit Count offers deeper insights, allowing you to understand the frequency at which users are accessing these popular pages.

This combination of data provides a comprehensive view of user behavior and preferences, helping you to refine and optimize your site's content accordingly.




Top Events: Track Pinned and Custom Events

With the Top Events Overview, you can obtain a holistic perspective of both Pinned and Custom Events, giving you a clear snapshot of your most significant events.

  • The Activity Trends section paints a picture of how event activity has evolved over the past 30 days, using intuitive line graphs that make trends easily discernible at a glance.
  • The Total Count feature lets you understand the cumulative occurrence of each event, helping you gauge its frequency and importance. Additionally, with the First and Last Occurrence data, you can track the timeline of specific events, noting when they were initially triggered and their most recent activation.

Together, these tools offer a comprehensive understanding of user behavior and event interactions on your site.




Feature Usage: Understand Feature Adoption

The new feature usage graph in User Overview provides a comprehensive view of how users are engaging with your product's features.

  • Usage Patterns: View feature usage on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
  • Identify Inactivity: Identify features that have never been used by specific users.





The notes feature offers a valuable tool for appending critical information directly to the User or Company profile.

For instance,, a SaaS company, utilizes Usermaven in their sales journey. They leverage the notes feature to jot down pivotal points from discussions with potential customers. This ensures that crucial details are always accessible and linked to the relevant profile, facilitating seamless communication and a more informed sales process.



Note: The Contacts Hub has undergone a redesign, impacting both the Visitors and Company views as well. However, it's important to mention that in the visitor view, the "feature adoption" section will not be present.

Segment by Location

We've introduced a new feature in the Segments: the ability to filter visitors, users, or companies based on their location. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for those looking to analyze platform usage patterns by region, offering insights into how different geographic segments interact with your platform.




Bug Fixes:

  • In Funnels, applying traffic exclusion with page rules previously caused disruptions and broke the funnel. This issue has been resolved.
  • Segments were returning one user when there were no contacts available; this has also been corrected in this release.
  • In Web Analytics, for monthly periods, only the first date of the month was previously displayed. Now, only the month name will be shown.
  • Issues with the last quarter comparison dates missing some days have been addressed and fixed in this release.

Each of these enhancements contributes to a more seamless and accurate user experience across the platform.

We hope you enjoy these updates and let us know what you would like to see next in the Usermaven by sharing feedback with us.