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Dark mode, scheduled reports, and a lot more...

New Feature

Greetings and happy new year! On behalf of the team at Usermaven, we wanted to express our gratitude for your trust and support in us. As we kick off 2023, we are excited to share a few updates with you.

Dark Mode

We are excited to announce the addition of a Dark Mode feature to Usermaven. This feature allows you to switch to a darker theme, making it easier on the eyes when working with data in low-light conditions. We hope this new feature enhances your Usermaven experience as you analyze and interpret your data.


You can easily toggle between the dark and light modes by accessing the navigation menu. Look for the Dark Mode option and click to switch between the two themes.

Switch theme

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports are now live. This allows you to quickly receive weekly and monthly analytics summaries.

Set up the report and specify the recipient's email address, and Usermaven will automatically send the summary at the desired interval. This feature is a great way to stay organized and on top of your data.


Embed Dashboard

Another new feature in Usermaven we added this week is the ability to embed our web analytics dashboard in your favorite tools, such as Notion. This means you can easily view and interact with your analytics data directly within these tools, streamlining your workflow and allowing for even greater convenience.

You can read more about embedding your website dashboard through this link.

Scroll Depth

Scroll depth tracking allows you to see the percentage of your web page that your visitors have scrolled through. This can provide valuable insights into user engagement and can help you optimize your content for better performance.


Usermaven Python SDK

Another exciting update in this release is Usermaven Python SDK. Now, you can send the server-side events from the Python to Usermaven.

To get started with Python SDK, navigate to the Usermaven dashboard and then go to theΒ Workspace Settings > Setup. Install the Usermaven Python SDK and next you can start identifying people/companies and even send custom events.


We have made several other minor improvements and bug fixes in this release. We hope you will enjoy these updates.


Embed iframe on other platforms/websites

Embed an iframe with various charts or reports in Notion or in an internal client dashboard

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scroll deep

please show how deep the user scrolls on the website. As % value and/or graphic This would help to determined how interesting the content is and where exactly on the site the user are not more interested in reading further. Scroll deep and time on site are very important KPI to see if the content interesting for the visitors. Many thanks!

Markus G
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Weekly/Monthly web analytics report

Get weekly/monthly web analytics reports right into your inbox. Also, you'll be able to add multiple recipients to receive reports.

Muhammad Azhar
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