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🚀 Default reporting period, live view, and more.

New Feature

This week, we have got new features for you at Usermaven. Let's get started

🆕 Default reporting period

Now, you can select the default value for the time range filter under web analytics and product insights. Next time, when you visit your dashboard, it will be using your default time range filter.

To set the default reporting period, navigate to the Workspace Settings > Miscellaneous and select the time range according to your preference.




🆕 Live view

Say goodbye to manual refresh, and use the Live option under web analytics to view visitors' activity on your website in real time. With live view, your dashboard will be automatically refreshed after 30 seconds and show you the last 30 minutes' activity.




🆕 All workspaces statistics

View all of your workspace statistics from the single view under the "All workspaces" dashboard. Simply click on the "Show Statistics" option.




🆕 Detailed view includes bounce rate, visit duration, etc.

Previously, the detailed view only had visitors' information, but now we have included some additional information such as bounce rate, visit duration, entry rate, exit rate, etc.




Other improvements

  • Top sources are now grouping similar referrers i.e and to Google. You can drill down further by clicking on the source and see which referrer source is bringing most of the traffic to your website.
  • Web analytics queries are based on sessions, previously they were based on only unique visitors.
  • We have added tooltips definition for unique visitors, page views, etc. under web analytics.
  • Added "Others" option in Top Devices for pie-chart with their percentage and value.
  • And a few other minor improvements are done.

There are a few other exciting features that we are going to ship very soon, till then stay tuned.


All Workspaces View

In "All Workspaces" be nice to be able to reorganize and sort the view. Perhaps drag and drop the workspace view order or a button with A-Z/Z-A sort as well

Iain K
Shipped 🚀



Live view of traffic (Real Time)

Live view map so we can see where the traffic is coming from (country etc) and a overview over what url they are visiting. An improved version of the live view in Google UA.
Shipped 🚀



Default View Settings

Would like to be able to set the default view Rather than have the last 30 days have today or whatever the user wants.

Iain K
Shipped 🚀