New updates and improvements to Usermaven

🚀 Detailed view, show/hide domains from the dashboard, advanced date picker & more...

New Feature

This week, we have shipped plenty of improvements and new features under the Web Analytics module. Let's get started.

🆕 Show/Hide domains from web analytics

Usermaven automatically collects data from the domains where you have installed tracking pixel, so if you have it installed on staging environments, you can exclude those domains from the Web Analytics section.

To show or hide any domain under Web Analytics, navigate to the Workspace Settings > Miscellaneous section. Turn off the domains that you do not wish to see under Web Analytics. That's it. Now, you will see only those domains which are enabled for your workspace.


Note: The data will still be collected from your domains, it is only hidden from web analytics. In case you want to see the statistics later on for a certain domain, it is possible.

🆕 Advance date picker under Web Analytics

Web Analytics date picker got an upgrade and now includes new time intervals such as Last Quarter, Last 6 Months, and more. Within the next few days, you will be able to set the interval for the graphs such as "Day", "Week", "Month" and "Year".


🆕 View day statistics by clicking on the bar chart

If you'd like to see the specific day statistics, you can hover over the day, and click on it to see the statistics for that particular day.


🆕 Detailed view for Web Analytics

We have removed the infinite scroll from Top Sources, Top Pages, etc, as it was breaking the user experience, and added a detailed view option. You can view the detailed statistics by clicking on the "Detailed View" link.


Other improvements:

  • We have added a sorting order under the "All Workspaces" page. Sort your workspaces by name in ascending or descending order.
  • The sorting option is also added under the Funnel Analysis section in Web Analytics. Now, you can sort your funnels by name ascending/descending, recent/oldest.
  • We have built a design system at Usermaven, the overall branding is going to be much more consistent and this will help us in shipping features at a much faster pace.
  • Fixed single quote escaping for Pinned events.
  • Fixed scroller for the conversion goals.
  • The Web Analytics website dropdown is now searchable. You can search for a domain using it.
  • And several other in-app improvements.

We hope you enjoy these updates and we will be coming back again by next week with more new features and improvements.


Add scrolling to Conversion Goals and UTM data box's

Unable to view more than 6 conversion goals. No scroll option is available.

Shipped 🚀



Rearrange individual Funnels inside Funnel Analysis

Please add the ability to rearrange the funnels inside the Funnel Analysis. Currently you cannot move the funnel after they have been created. So the funnel are sorted by most recent and not most relevant.

Shipped 🚀