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Engagement column in contacts hub, funnel window and more

New Feature

1. Engagement Column

In our latest update, we've introduced a new "Engagement" column in the Contacts Hub. This column provides an overview with four distinct engagement levels:

  • Highly Active
  • Moderately Active
  • Low
  • At Risk

Engagement is measured by multiplying the number of events by the ratio of active days within the past 30 days to 30. For users who have recently signed up, engagement is determined by considering the date of their registration to the platform and tallying the number of events they've participated in since then.

Please note: The "At Risk" engagement category is exclusive to Users and Companies only.

2. Funnels Improvements

Funnel Window

Now you can set the window size for your funnel. The window size determines the duration (in days/hours/minutes) within which a user must complete the funnel steps.

For instance, if you designate a window size of 7 days, the user is given a 7-day period to finish the funnel steps. Users failing to complete the steps within this 7-day span won't be included in the funnel's count.

funnel window

Events Compaction

In our funnels module, we've implemented a compaction feature. Previously, in a funnel sequence like Step A -> B -> B -> C -> D, the strict mode would encounter issues due to the adjacent repetition of Step B. With the new compaction feature, such repetitions are effectively handled.

For those utilizing the Journeys feature and funnels in Usermaven, you can expect precise outcomes in both functionalities.

3. Product Insights UX Improvements

In the earlier version of the Product Insights module, creating a new insight required several steps. However, with the current update, you can swiftly generate a new Insight simply by selecting the "Create New Insight" button located within the Product Insights module.

4. Time filter in Visitors overview

Before, the Visitors overview page only displayed visitor data from the last 7 days. Now, we've enhanced this feature by introducing a dropdown menu that offers additional time period options, enabling you to view visitor statistics for up to the last 90 days.

visitors date dropdown menu

This enhancement is particularly valuable for observing the journeys of individual visitors and understanding the actions they undertake.

Other Improvements

  • We've transitioned the Funnel creation interface from modals to the Drawer to ensure consistency across the platform.
  • The options in the Product Insights module, including Onboarding, Product Engagement, and others, have been relocated to the left pane, transitioning away from the tab format.
  • Additionally, you now have the capability to conceal the Product Insights menu items using the "Customize Menu" section.
  • We've streamlined the process of creating a new insight, reducing the number of required clicks. Specifically, defining an insight name and setting up event conditions have been made more straightforward.

We hope you'll find value in these updates. Until next time, enjoy!