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Funnels breakdown, enhanced conversion goals and top pages

New Feature


Funnels Breakdown

We’re excited to announce that we have improved our Funnels feature with the ability to breakdown the Funnels report by country, city, device, operating system, and browser. In our next release, we’ll also be adding breakdowns by sources and channels. This feature can be accessed from the ‘Detailed View’ button in the Funnels module.

The Funnels breakdown feature enables you to gain deep insights into your conversion data. You can gain a better understanding of how users are interacting with your website and app, and identify areas for improvement. It also helps you to identify high-performing audiences, so you can target them more effectively. Additionally, you can use the breakdown to pinpoint the paths where users drop-off and find areas of your product that are underperforming, so you can make improvements that will help you increase your conversions.




Conversion goals (enhanced)

We have also improved the conversion goals feature which now shows unique and total conversions by default in website analytics. You can also add a conversion value in the currency of your choice to see how much revenue is generated from different conversion goals.

We've also added the ability to choose whether you want to use unique or total conversions for calculating the conversion rate and conversion value.




Other Improvements

'Top pages' section in website analytics now shows full details (visitors, pageviews, bounce rate, scroll depth, avg. time on page) by default so there's one extra click saved enhancing the UX.




Coming up next:

- Journeys to visualize paths users take to complete certain actions on your website and in-app.

- Visitor-level segments and filters

- Filtering by source and channel in funnels

- Company-level segments


I hope you are loving all the new updates and are excited about the upcoming features.