Last week, we shipped the Pixel White-labelling feature, and this week, we are back with the release of two new features in Web Analytics.

🆕 Conversion Funnels

Conversion funnels help you to visualize and understand the flow through which a potential customer lands on your site and then takes a desired action. For example, how many visitors visited the offer page and purchased your product?


🆕 Conversion Goals

A conversion goal is an objective you set based on an action you want your website visitors to take. For example, Visitors who bought your product or visitors who signed up for your application.


To get started with Conversion Funnels and Goals, navigate to your Web Analytics Dashboard, and you will see the option to create Conversion Funnels and Goals.

Conversion Funnels and Goals works cross-domain as well. For example, if your website is and orders are placed at, you can use cross-domain URLs while setting up funnels.

⚙️ Other Improvements

- We added a navigation link in the "Top Sources" and "Top Pages" sections in web analytics. Now, you can visit the source by clicking on the link icon to find which website is bringing most of the traffic to your website, or you can view the pages your visitors with most of the traffic and optimize them further. 

- Visitors, Events, and Page-views graph now work according to your Workspace timezone.

- User experience improved for Workspace and Account settings. Previously, you had to click on the profile icon, and then you could go to the Account settings.

- Web analytics statistics were not loading properly because Ad-blockers blocked our API calls. We've fixed it in this release.

We have excited new features under-development, till then stay tuned.


Conversion goals in web analytics

Use the conversion goals feature to track conversions in web analytics. This feature would allow you to measure the conversion rate. Below are a few examples: How many visitors visited your website and went to the pricing page How many visitors have booked a demo? How many visitors have watched the demo video?

Muhammad Azhar
Shipped 🚀