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Introducing Maven AI - Bringing Generative AI to Usermaven

New Feature

Today, we are thrilled to provide an early sneak peek into Usermaven's initial step into the realm of generative AI. We proudly present Maven AI, an innovative concept that's as straightforward as it gets. If you have a query about your data in Usermaven, all you have to do is ask it — using everyday language.


Sample queries you can pose to Maven AI:

  • "What was the total traffic to our website last month?"
  • "Which webpage has the highest bounce rate this week?"
  • "What are the top three sources of referral traffic?"
  • "What is the average session duration for users from social media?"
  • "How many unique visitors did we have last quarter?"
  • "Which is the most visited page on our website?"
  • "What is the conversion rate for our latest marketing campaign?"
  • "How many returning users did we have last week versus this week?"
  • "From which country do we receive the most traffic?"

Currently, Maven AI is capable of delivering insights pertaining to Web Analytics and the Contacts Hub. However, with our imminent update, the ability to create tailored reports for Product Insights will be a part of its features.

What's next:

In the near future, you will have the opportunity to craft elegant charts and tailor-made dashboards harnessing the capabilities of Maven AI.

We look forward for your feedback to shape this Maven AI even better. Hope you enjoy this update.