New updates and improvements to Usermaven

Mobile responsiveness, Chrome extension and more

New Feature

🎉 We're thrilled to introduce three brand new updates to Usermaven, driven by your valuable feedback and needs!

Enhanced mobile experience

We've heard your requests! 📱 Usermaven is now fully mobile responsive, designed to provide a smoother experience for you on the go. Dive into Usermaven from any mobile device and enjoy the optimized interface.




Deeper user insights

Introducing new tracking metrics in the Users view: First touch point, First viewed page, and Original UTM parameters. Gain more insights about your user's journey. Understand their initial interaction point and discover which page captivated their attention first.

Use Case: For a SaaS company offering a 14-day trial, it's critical to know the user's first touchpoint and viewed page, especially during onboarding. This helps in optimizing the conversion process for subscription purchases.




Traffic exclusion chrome extension

We're introducing the Traffic Exclusion Chrome extension, designed to omit your own website visits, ensuring your metrics stay unskewed.

It's simple - install the extension, visit your website, and enable it. Your subsequent activities won't be recorded in Usermaven until you decide to turn off the extension.

You can install the chrome extension from this link. 




Thanks for being an integral part of the Usermaven journey.

We're always working to make it better, and your feedback is invaluable. Dive in and explore the new features today! 🚀