New updates and improvements to Usermaven

Notes/ Annotations, Enhanced Top Channels/Sources, Contacts Hub Overhaul, Locking Funnel Feature, and much more….

New Feature

We're thrilled to showcase a wave of exciting new features and enhancements in the latest Usermaven update! Dive in and explore the latest upgrades that will further empower your marketing analysis.


Notes / Annotations

Usermaven empowers you to annotate your web analytics graphs with the new Notes/Annotations feature. This addition allows you to directly document key observations on your graphs, enriching your analysis of essential metrics like unique visitors, pageviews, sessions, visit duration, bounce rate, and events.

With Notes/Annotations, you can now:

  • Pinpoint Insights: Click on any data point to create a detailed note, documenting specific trends or observations.
  • Enhanced Context: Annotations are displayed next to the corresponding data point, providing clear context.
  • Tailored Visibility: Choose to keep notes private or share them with workspace users for collaborative analysis.
  • Granular Control: Only Owners, Administrators, and Managers can create and edit notes, ensuring data integrity.

This new feature streamlines your workflow, allowing you to capture valuable insights, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making.


Enhanced Top Channels/Sources in Web Analytics Dashboard

Our Web Analytics dashboard now offers an improved Top Channels/Sources section, providing a more comprehensive view of your traffic sources. Previously, this section provided users with a limited set of sources making it difficult to differentiate between Organic Search, Paid Search, and various social media channels.

With this new update, we're introducing a wider range of channels including:

  • Direct
  • Referrals
  • Organic Search
  • Paid Search
  • Organic Social
  • Paid Social
  • Email
  • Display Ads
  • Other Campaigns


top sources


The Overview tab reflects this change, displaying the Top Sources for your platform along with the numbers and percentage of the users coming from each Source. You'll also find an interactive pie chart that visually represents this data in an easy-to-understand format.


Introducing Source Information in the Contacts Hub Dashboard

Gain deeper user insights with Usermaven's "First Touchpoint" section! This powerful addition to the Contacts Hub Dashboard unlocks valuable details about source, medium, and referrer information for each visitor, user, or company. This empowers you to understand how individuals discover your platform, allowing you to tailor and optimize your marketing strategies based on the most effective channels and sources.

You also have the ability to filter the data based on these touchpoints and later create your segment.




With this update, you can now identify the channels or sources driving the most traffic to your platform and gain valuable insights into the mediums and referrers used by your visitors, users, and companies to access your platform.

This information empowers you to tailor your marketing strategies and optimise your reach based on the channels and sources that are most effective in attracting your target audience.


Locking a Funnel

Next, we have introduced the locking a funnel feature on the Funnels dashboard in Usermaven. This functionality enables Workspace Owners and Administrators to restrict editing and deleting access to specific funnels, safeguarding critical user journey analyses and fostering efficient team collaboration.

Previously, unrestricted editing rights for funnels could lead to inconsistencies and confusion within teams. With funnel locking, Owners and Administrators can:

  • Maintain control and accuracy: Prevent unauthorized edits, ensuring the reliability of data collected through locked funnels.
  • Assign clear ownership: Establish clear edit rights, fostering efficient collaboration and preventing potential conflicts or misunderstandings.




This update enables a more controlled and collaborative environment for analyzing user journeys, ultimately improving team communication and safeguarding data.


Updated Pinned and Custom Events’ Detailed View

The Detailed View pages within the Pinned and Custom Events dashboards now boast a powerful new addition: 'Breakdown by Page'. This section offers valuable insights into how frequently specific events occur on different pages within your platform.

Previously, the Detailed View primarily focused on user information, event timestamps, and page information. This update introduces a breakdown of events by page, providing a count of each event's occurrences on various pages.

breakdown by page


This can help you gauge the effectiveness of different pages in triggering the specific events that you're tracking. Moreover, you can also leverage these insights to optimize your pages and enhance user engagement with the events you care about most.


Updated Attribution Insights

Building on the recent improvements to the Web Analytics dashboard's Top Channels/Sources section, Usermaven has also revamped the Attribution Insights dashboard within the Analyze section. Previously limited to displaying a basic set of traffic sources like search engines, direct landings, and social media, the updated Attribution dashboard now offers a more comprehensive view by including:

  • Direct
  • Referrals
  • Organic Search
  • Paid Search
  • Organic Social
  • Paid Social
  • Email
  • Display Ads
  • Other Campaigns




All data on the Attribution dashboard is filtered and presented according to your chosen attribution model, providing a clear and unified view of your marketing channel performance.


Cross Domain Tracking in Usermaven

Exciting News! Usermaven now supports Cross Domain Tracking, allowing you to track user journeys seamlessly across multiple websites or domains.

Previously, separate domains meant fragmented data. The lack of cross-domain tracking led to a disjointed view of user behavior and inaccurate insights into your audience's engagement and journey.

This feature ensures:

  • A Unified User View: Understand user behavior across your entire platform.
  • Accurate Conversions: Attribute conversions and revenue accurately across all touch-points.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Leverage deeper customer insights for informed decision-making.

To learn more how you can use the cross-domain tracking, please follow this link.


Other Improvements

  • Sorting in Funnel Analysis Detailed View: You can now sort results by conversion rate in the detailed view's table. This lets you see top performers and areas for improvement at a glance, for channels, sources, browsers, countries, and devices, in both ascending and descending order. Analyze your funnel performance with greater ease and efficiency!
  • Our detailed funnel analysis breakdown is now updated to reflect the new channels mapping. This means the breakdown by source and channel will be based on the recently introduced mapping system.


We hope you enjoy these updates, keep us posted with your valuable feedback.