New updates and improvements to Usermaven

Top sources overview, export people and companies, early access for Google Search Console and a lot more.

New Feature

Get ready for an exciting update, because this week we're introducing some incredible new features that will enhance your experience and make analytics even better than before!

Web analytics

Top sources overview

We've added a new Overview option under Top Sources in Web Analytics, allowing you to quickly see which channels are driving the most traffic to your website.




Device type overview

We have added the ability to track and view data on the device type (laptop, mobile, desktop) of your website's visitors. This new feature will provide valuable insights into the devices that your visitors are using to access your website.




Set your default domain in the web analytics dashboard

If you have multiple websites that you are tracking, setting the default domain in the web analytics dashboard can be useful. This allows you to quickly access the analytics for a particular website without having to manually select the domain each time. This can save you time and make it easier to compare the performance of your different websites.




To set your default domain, go to the Workspace Settings and select the General tab. From there, you can click the favorite icon to set your chosen domain as the default. This will allow you to quickly access the analytics for that website without having to manually select the domain each time.


Online visitors information

To view the activity of your website's visitors, click on the "Visitors Online" button. This will provide you with real-time data on the activity of your visitors, allowing you to track and understand their behavior on your website.




Google Search Console Integration

We are pleased to announce that we have just launched a private beta for our Google Search Console integration. This new feature will allow users to integrate their Google Search Console data with our platform, providing them with a more comprehensive view of their website's performance.



Currently, access to this beta is limited to a select group of users, but we will be expanding access to more users in the future. If you are interested in participating in the beta, please contact us to request access. We are excited to bring this new feature to our users and we hope you will find it valuable.


Product insights

Revamped people & companies view

We are excited to announce that we have updated the people and companies view! With this update, you will now be able to customize the table view by resizing and reordering the columns to your preference. This will allow you to tailor the view to your specific needs and preferences, and your settings will be saved for future use.




In addition to the updates to the people and companies view, we have also refreshed the user journeys page. This page now shows you the activity based on sessions, providing you with a more detailed and comprehensive view of how users are interacting with your website.




Export people & companies

You can now export people and companies from the Contacts section, making it easy to import your lists into your favorite marketing tools.




Export dropped off users list in onboarding funnel

You can now export a list of dropped off users from the onboarding funnel. This feature allows you to get a list of users who dropped off at the first step of the funnel, as well as a list of those who dropped off at the last step




We hope you will enjoy these updates.