Feature requests

  1. Global Workspace Pixel White-Label Domain

    Please add the functionality to provide a global pixel white-label custom domain for ALL workspaces.

    AJ G
    #Improvement 👍


  2. Custom properties

    Ability to assign custom properties to a pageview event. Ex: The blog category or author of the currently viewed post. Here is an example from Plausible: https://plausible.io/docs/custom-props/for-pageviews

    Derek A


  3. Allow Funnels to include upsell and downsell variations

    Currently a funnel shows analytics only for users doing all the steps of the flow. Example: A-->B-->C-->D However in our case, if in "A" a user buys certain products, they go directly to "D". The current structure of the funnel doesn't allow us to track properly users that do so. We basically just have a way to track users that do exactly A-->B-->C-->D but no other variations (like A-->B-->D or A-->D). Could you please implement a way to have "flexible" funnels, including "jumps" in the flow, due to upsell and downsell variations? This would allow for far better tracking. With the current structure, the funnel analytics don't have much utility for us. Thanks!

    #Web analytics#Attribution#Funnels


  4. Add Refine Event Attributes to other Dashboards

    Event attributes/properties can be passed via both the SDKs and API. In the Contacts Hub it is possble to filter on the Event Attribute by selecting the Custom Event as a filter option, clicking "Refine", selecting the event attribute, and defining its conditions. However, the same "Refine" option is not available in other dashboards such as Attribution, Journeys, or Funnels. This would be particularly useful in the Attribution dashboard. For example, being able to create separate Attribution Reports for a form submission event based on the type of form or the category of product (which would have passed as attributes).

    Scott C


  5. Events API: Backdate Timestamp

    Allow backdating of events through the API by providing timestamp in the payload. This has been done with other similar services like: Google Analytics: The timestamp_micros parameter: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/protocol/ga4/reference?client_type=gtagFacebook Conversions API: The event_time parameter: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/marketing-api/conversions-api/parameters/server-event/ This would allow events to be accurately attributed with the correct date & time when it is not possible to submit the event in real time.

    Scott C
    #Web analytics#Integrations 🔗#Attribution


  6. WooCommerce Integration

    Get WooCommerce metrics inside Usermaven with deep-integration.

    Muhammad Azhar


  7. Heatmaps for Website Analytics

    It would just be stellar to also have access to heatmap features, so we can replace Microsoft Clarity.

    Matthias L
    #Improvement 👍


  8. Branding Options for Shared Dashboards

    Sending custom and branded reports to clients is great. But it would even be cooler if we could custom brand the shared dashboard. It would be nice if we could add our own logo (as a service provider), and also the client's logo. Furthermore, it would be good to not show the login or sign up buttons at the top, just to keep a shared dashboard clean for clients. I actually don't mind having a Usermaven branding in the footer, or something, but let us have the option to create good-looking, custom branded dashboards.

    Matthias L
    #Improvement 👍#Styling 🎨


  9. Google Data Studio Connector

    Allow an option in Usermaven to integrate with the Google Data Studio connector. The data will be synced from Usermaven to Google Data Studio for reporting.



  10. Whitelabel reporting link

    Would be nice if we could whitelabel the reports and not show usermaven in reporting url

    Geoff Y


  11. Customize (whitelabel) dashboard

    Allow custom CSS to change look of admin and shared dashboard. Brand logo, colors, etc.



  12. Move around blocks

    it would be useful to see web analytics page how i want meaning if i want to see countries block on top, etc.. just an option to move around the blocks would be nice.

    #Improvement 👍#Settings


  13. Google Ads & Meta Ads Integration

    Can we have these integrations for Usermaven please: Google ads Meta ads Hubspot CRM Zoho CRM

    Adeel K
    #Improvement 👍#Web analytics#Integrations 🔗


  14. Set custom events limit per workspace or website

    As agencies and freelancers, it is a must have feature to set custom limit per workspace or website so that one workspace or website will not consume all limit. This feature is necessary even for a business owner who have multiple brands.

    #Improvement 👍#Settings


  15. Conversion API plugin for Wordpress

    Create a Wordpress Plugin that installs Usermaven via API for server-side tracking with first-party data. If the pixel is also installed then deduplicate the data. It'll be something similar to what Facebook has done. This will massively increase the accuracy of data.

    Joshua L
    #Integrations 🔗