Feature requests


  1. WooCommerce Integration

    Get WooCommerce metrics inside Usermaven with deep-integration.

    Muhammad Azhar


  2. Integration with Google Ads & Facebook Ads

    Integrate Facebook Ads & Google Ads inside Usermaven and provide actionable insights.

    Emil M


  3. Transfer workspace to a new or other account

    This would benefit agencies should a client want to leave and take the data with them. Preferably the client becomes a direct client of Usermaven and agencies don't lose a workspace.

    Naz H
    #Improvement 👍


  4. Google Data Studio Connector

    Allow an option in Usermaven to integrate with the Google Data Studio connector. The data will be synced from Usermaven to Google Data Studio for reporting.



  5. Facebook Conversion API

    I think usermaven should have integration and data like Facebook CAPI or Google Conversion.

    Niko J


  6. Conversion API plugin for Wordpress

    Create a Wordpress Plugin that installs Usermaven via API for server-side tracking with first-party data. If the pixel is also installed then deduplicate the data. It'll be something similar to what Facebook has done. This will massively increase the accuracy of data.

    Joshua L
    #Integrations 🔗


  7. Using HTML attributes to send events

    It would be great if we can send an event with HTML attributes. Some of the examples Subscribe This should send an event with the name "Subscribe Newsletter" whenever the button is clicked. Similarly you can add these data HTML attributes for tags and also tags, basically anything that emits an event.

    Bhanu Teja P


  8. Automations 🤖 [Notifications on Event Trigger]

    Trigger notifications when a specific event is triggered. Notifications could be sent via Webhooks(could become costly if connected to Pabbly/Zapier), Telegram, Slack, Email, etc. The notification can include user id, country, device type, browser, OS, etc. Attaching an automation flow screenshot from the current tracking tool I am using.

    Jijo J
    #Improvement 👍


  9. Smart Analytics Interpretation with Actionable Insights!!

    This one would make you stand out to the competition easily! :-) I just stumbled across an upcoming service for Webflow websites, and I really like the approach they are taking with site analytics: they take the numbers and interpret them in action steps a user would have to take, to make the site more attractive, smart, and optimizing the user flow. It's called https://volument.com/how-it-works/technical-details, you can find all the details here. They call it "actionable insights". With an implementation like this, Usermaven would truly stand out and shine above all other analytics tools in the market.

    Matthias L
    #Deal Breaker 💔


  10. Set "All domains" as default

    I constantly have to change the analytics dropdown to "All domains" to see traffic for my site (and the www subdomain). I would like to set "All domains" as the default.

    Mark A
    #Improvement 👍#Deal Breaker 💔#Settings


  11. Multilanguage Workspace

    I'd like to see the workspace (specially when sharing it) in a different language than english (spanish preferably)



  12. Enhanced Wordpress Plugin

    I would like to suggest the following optimizations in the WordPress plugin: - Logged-in users should not be tracked by default. But I would like to enable the option to do so (see screenshot) - The dashboard should be unlockable for specific user roles (see screenshot).

    Thomas B
    #Improvement 👍#Integrations 🔗#Web analytics


  13. Add Last 28 Days Range

    When comparing data with a previous period, it is interesting to compare traffic on the same days of the week. This is not possible with the 30 day period, but with the 28 day period, as there are 4 full weeks, you can always compare on the same day of the week. Currently I can do this by selecting a 'custom range' but it would be much more convenient to have the option in the drop down list of time periods.

    Thomas B
    #Improvement 👍#Web analytics


  14. 2FA (two-factor authentication) support

    It would be a great addition to support 2FA (two-factor authentication) for better security.

    Thomas B
    #Improvement 👍#Settings


  15. Allow Funnels to include upsell and downsell variations

    Currently a funnel shows analytics only for users doing all the steps of the flow. Example: A-->B-->C-->D However in our case, if in "A" a user buys certain products, they go directly to "D". The current structure of the funnel doesn't allow us to track properly users that do so. We basically just have a way to track users that do exactly A-->B-->C-->D but no other variations (like A-->B-->D or A-->D). Could you please implement a way to have "flexible" funnels, including "jumps" in the flow, due to upsell and downsell variations? This would allow for far better tracking. With the current structure, the funnel analytics don't have much utility for us. Thanks!

    #Web analytics#Funnels#Attribution